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Bed bugs are making a strong and un-welcomed comeback. These small, wingless insects feed on blood from animals or people. Bed bugs get their name because they like to hide in bedding and mattresses. They are nocturnal and very hardy with the ability to live for months without a meal. They travel well, actively hitchhiking on clothes, luggage, and furniture until they find a new source of food. They are hard to detect and are difficult to treat without the right equipment. If you think you might have an infestation, call us today to help protect your home or business with quality pest control solutions in Panama City Beach, Crestview, FL and the surround Florida area.

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Bed Bug FAQs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans.
Adult bed bugs look something like an apple seed, and are small (approximately ¼ inch long), oval in shape, and are reddish-brown in color. Juvenile bed bugs, known as nymphs, differ from adults in that they are often much smaller (1 millimeter) and may appear clear or tan in color.
While bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, they are most active at night and, due to their cryptic nature, they are not often seen during the day.
Because bed bugs are small and flat, they are able to squeeze into tiny cracks and crevices on the mattress and box spring, behind headboards, and inside furniture. They prefer to live in groups and are often found in clusters where the adults, nymphs, and eggs are together in a protected area.
Bed bugs are adept hitchhikers. They travel in luggage, on clothing, and inside furniture. They are found in hotels, movie theaters, train cars, airplanes, and many other public places where people are at rest for a period of time.
Bed bug bites are difficult to distinguish from flea or mosquito bites because (as with all biting insects) not all skin reactions are the same. Bed bugs bite the exposed skin of humans while they are sleeping or at rest, often including the neck, face, arms, and hands.
The anesthetic that a bed bug uses to numb your skin - so you won't feel the bite - may or may not cause a visible allergic reaction. This allergic reaction may cause raised red bumps or blemish-like skin irritation, accompanied by an itching sensation. While some people find that they observe mild to severe discomfort and itchiness, others may observe no discomfort or bite marks at all.
Bed bugs are "maddeningly difficult" to treat, even for our well-trained technicians. You should not attempt to control an infestation with do-it-yourself products, but rather leave the treatment to the professionals.
Guardian Pest Control uses proven liquid and vapor products in conjunction with mattress and box spring encasements to battle against these blood-sucking arthropods.
Typically one treatment is needed unless the structure has not been prepared properly.
In most cases, Guardian Pest Control does not recommend that you discard mattresses, box springs, or furniture as these items can be inspected and treated successfully.

The following document and checklist is designed to ensure you receive the most out of your bed bug treatment. If you should have further questions regarding bed bugs or treatment preparedness, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bed Bug Checklist (PDF) Bed Bug Preparation (PDF)

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